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5 Steps to Organizing - A process to get you organized and keep you organized

Step 1 – Strategize
Make a plan for your home. This is the first step in the organizing process. Use a spiral notebook to capture thoughts, ideas, and solutions for each room in your home. Assess the causes of the disorder so that lasting change can be achieved.

Walk through your home to discover how one room affects another. Rooms in a home must work together for an organizing system to be effective.

Some questions to ask:
What do you call this space?What activities will take place in this space? Do you have all of the items you need to support those activities?What are you dreaming of? What does the finished space look like to you? What is your definition of “organized”?Step 2 – Prioritize
Realize that organizing is not an overnight process.
Commit a day to empty the room of its contents, clean and evaluate the space.
Put like items together (grouping).Relocate or let go of (donate, sell, trash) anything that doesn’t pertain to the room’s function and purpose.Reduce and let go of (don…
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Our Top 3 Questions about Time and Budget on Organizing Projects

As with most professions, fees vary widely based on experience, geographic location, and the type of services requested. Many organizing and productivity professionals charge by the hour, while others offer packages or charge by the project. The top 3 questions we are asked about time and budget on organizing projects are:

#1. How long will it take to organize my home/office?  The amount of time it will take to complete your organizing project will depend primarily on three factors:
(1) How much clutter you have to group and reduce, (2) how quickly you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of and (3) how close together our organizing sessions are.  How long it will take also depends on if one organizer or a team of organizers work with you.There is power in numbers!We offer one-on-one sessions or a team to work with you depending on the scope and when you want your project completed.

#2.If I choose SolutionsForYou, how much will it cost to organize my home/office?  We unde…

Organizing Survey

We surveyed a few of our clients about their experience with organizing.  I'm sharing the results of our survey because sometimes we hear from client's that they think they are the only one who feels the way they do about their disorganization.   We want you to know, you are not alone!

Here is what we learned.

What else would become possible if you were organized? The world would be my oyster.I would have more time.I could start my remodel.I could entertain! Do exercises at my house. Rent out a room! House exchange students! Airbnb, have a life. You name it...More family visits.I would feel a whole lot less pressure and nervousness about moving next year. I could spend more time and my limited energy on activities and projects that I truly enjoy.I might actually make more money in my business if my office was organized again.My relationship with my spouse will improve and set a good example for our kids.ClarityI could see my lovely desk!My wife will be very happy ??I could get m…

7 Strategies for Maximizing a Smaller Footprint

It seems everywhere I read on social media the message is downsizing and go minimal.  Often that isn't as easy as one hopes.  If you have run out of space, here are 7 strategies to maximize your smaller footprint or any footprint.Strategy #1 Edit Your Belongings: Follow our proven and easy to implement 5 Steps to Organizing process to curtail your belongings to what you use and love.

Strategy #2:  Go Vertical
One of the easiest, most effective, tricks is to go up rather than out.  By utilizing vertical space you save square footage.

Strategy #3 Accessibility: Placing drawers inside a closet as a dresser can free-up space in the bedroom.  It also keeps all clothing in one central location.  You could add wheels to a set of free-standing drawers to make a moveable cart for all types of uses such as a kitchen island and storage of frequently used kitchen tools, craft materials, office supplies, or projects.

Strategy #4: Close the Gaps
Use containers that fill a shelf space and different s…

How to Prepare for Your Strategy Session with SolutionsForYou

Don’t change anything about your physical space! We need to see your current state of organization to understand your relationship with your stuff and how it is contained.  
Do think about answers to the following questions: What do you think are your barriers to getting organized?What is not working?What part of your environment feels most uncomfortable to you?Why do you want to get organized?  Any life event changes?What part of your routine feels most hectic to you?  Why?How much do you want to participate in the organizing process?How flexible are you to making changes?Have you worked with a professional organizer before?  If yes, what worked?  What didn’t work?What are your expectations of SolutionsForYou?What area(s) would you like SolutionsForYou to help you organize first?  What activities take place in this area(s)?What is your timeline?  What is the best time for you to schedule sessions?What are you willing to invest to live a more orga…