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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Do you [or does someone in your household] dump the mail on the kitchen counter and refuse to walk it to your home office or household desk? Does this lead to late payments and missed invitations, not mention a huge pile of paper on your kitchen counter and STRESS?

If you can’t break the habit of cluttering your countertop, then set up a mail sorting system in the kitchen to take care of the mail and other household paperwork. The
Mail Sorter from See Jane Work has slots labeled Notice Me, Respond to Me, Read Me, and Pay Me. You can quickly categorize and prioritize bills, letters, bank statements and more. Side compartments are sized to hold magazines and catalogs.

Designate one day a week for bill paying, scheduling, and correspondence and you won’t be stressing over an unpaid bill or overlooked obligation again! Be sure to add other tools to help you with your mail sorting and bill paying activities; a recycling bin, garbage can, stamps, a supply of envelopes, address labels, pens, and a checkbook.


Ed said...

I love your blog! I'll come back and spend more time looking around, but first glance I love the before and after shots to the right. Your article of "self discovery" about finding the conference brochures was great. It made me feel less guilty knowing even the professional can fall into the snare. Hope all is going well. Off to work

namna said...

The blog is working and as expected, it is wonderful!
And I love the mail sorter. Is that a new product because I check their site often and have never seen it before!
And thanks for your list of favorite blogs - I think. I don't have time to read more stuff!!

Anne said...

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, Professional Organizers are human and have their stumbling blocks just like their clients. And, sometimes we need to ask for help too!

Anne said...

That you for your feedback. The mail sorter is a new item with See Jane Work. I am on their e-mail list (and they are on my blog reader), so I get updates when new products are out. I have ordered this product (and many others for me). Due to arrive Monday--can't wait!

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