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What is your organizing WOW factor?

Recently, I have researched many TV segments featuring Professional Organizers sharing their ways of organizing various areas of one’s home, business and lives. Additionally, I have read many of the latest books written by Professional Organizers explaining their methods for organizing. Lastly, I have perused numerous Professional Organizers websites from newbies to veterans.

What has struck me is...nothing! There is nothing revolutionary being said. No WOW factor. I feel like I have heard it all and seen it all when comes to “how to” organize. If I feel that way, I wonder, does the public at large feel that way too?

Which brings me to my point of this blog post…what is the organizing WOW factor for you? What makes you say, “WOW I never thought of that before!” or “WOW I think that might really help me to get organized!”

I want to hear from you whether you are a Professional Organizer, a person in need of organizing, someone who has always been organized, or someone who has recently become organized. So, do tell…what is your organizing WOW factor?


Anonymous said…
Hi Anne,
I don't think I have a WOW factor, but The 2 best things that have happened to me in our new home are:
#1 White cabinet interiors! They make it so much easier to see everything. A dark inside of a shelf or cabinet makes it much harder to see and find what I'm looking for.
#2 Pull out shelves in the kitchen. My rummaging days are over! I wish I would have done the same in my bathrooms.

Anne said…
Hi Sue,
I would say you do have an organizing WOW factor - it's functionality. Being able to find items in your cabinets increases the functionality of the space. The same is true of pull out drawers and shelves, they function better for you because you can easily reach things.

Thank you for your comment!
Wow, I finally got your blog added to my reader... that would be my wow for today.

It's hard to say what wow's me, but I think one thing that always makes me feel good, is when I am one step ahead. I feel a sense of calm and relief when I know things are done. How do I do that? I find that my planner (momAgenda) and my fridge grid pad (BusyBodyBook) are my checks and balance of being organized and keeping my family organized. There is never a question about what to do when, who is doing what.

Now, to add you to my blogroll...
Anne said…
Hi Meg,
I couldn't agree with you more about how staying one step ahead makes you feel the WOW factor of organization. I've been told that people are amazed at how I don't procrastinate about anything. I think that is because I want to be one step ahead all the time too--always preparing for the "what if worst case scenarios!" Thanks for your comments!!

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