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Organizing Habits #19-23

Effective work habits keep our productivity up and our stress levels down. You may be tempted at the end of each day to just turn your back on your disheveled workspace. But, reality is you will just have to face it the next morning.

If you invest 15 minutes today preparing your space and organizing your work you will not only save yourself lost time tomorrow you will also save your company lost productivity. And, we all need to be affecting the bottom-line positively rather than negatively.

Using 5 effective work habits can help you focus on the tasks at hand right away in the morning instead of wasting an hour before hitting your stride. 15 minutes before you leave your workplace follow this routine:

1. Clear your work surface - of papers, files and supplies. Jot down notes with your last thoughts or actions on projects, so you can pick up easily where you left off. Return project and action folders that may have piled up during the day to a vertical system on your work surface if the…


Weekly Notepad: Each sheet has a Monday to Sunday section for listing daily activities and a tear-off section perfect for shopping lists. I use mine for weekly menu planning and grocery shopping list.

With a design based on ledger paper, multiple columns naturally create checkboxes. A must-have notepad for any avid planner. Printed with yellow and gray ink on white paper.

If you love paper tablets as much as I do, this one is a must have!

Order from Mateo Ilasco. $9.50 for 50 sheets—a year’s worth of menus and shopping lists if you take a two week vacation from cooking :)

What will you use your weekly notepad for?

Quick Tip

We're expecting our second of three winter storms in a row in Portland, Oregon today. Many people haven't been able to get out and mail their holiday packages. However, did you know you can use a credit card at any time to print a barcoded Priority Mail label on plain paper with your own printer? Go to and click "Print Postage" or "Print a Shipping Label." It's also trackable at no extra cost! That rule about having to hand carry something to the post office that weighs more than 1 pound (because of terrorism) does not apply when you use this Click & Ship service, since the package is traceable to your personal credit card.

Inspiration Wednesday

This inspiration is from Debbie. “Here's a great alternative that will not only spread the generosity of the holiday season, but it will redefine Christmas. Replace meaningless gifts by giving donations to your recipients' favorite charities (You can even request others do the same for you. It's definitely a better idea than standing in the "Returns" line on December 26.) And, makes it easy to do.” states, "It's not about reinventing the holiday. It's about changing the way we look at gift giving and receiving. It's taking money we usually spend on obligatory gifts with little meaning, and creating gifts of charity that give in multiple ways, to the receiver, the giver, and people who truly need."

This year, my siblings, my mother, close family friends, and I agreed to forgo gift exchanges. Instead of presents, I requested their “presence” for a holiday feast and festivities. After all, isn’t …

Organizing Habit #18

Take a Commercial Break…

It’s brrr cold here in Portland, Oregon and there is no school for the kids. Roads are icy and dicey so I’m staying in too. Which could result in some rare TV time. So, today anytime I’m watching TV I’m going to take the time during commercial breaks to tidy up and organize my home. Try it! You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish in two minutes and two seconds.

Send me a comment tomorrow and let me know what you accomplished during your commerecial breaks.

p.s. Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Megan!


I love my new handbag!! It’s hard for a professional organizer to admit this, but I am constantly freaking out because I can’t find my keys, Bluetooth, and sunglasses. No matter where I put them, they become “misplaced”. Fortunately, I have a very patient husband who will hunt these items down for me when I’m freaking out.

Not anymore! With my new Butler Bag, all of these items have a designated slot to contain them safely in my Butler Bag. And, there is plenty of room for everything I want to carry with room to spare!

I have a larger Butler Bag for work that holds all my essentials—including my label maker, camera and tape measure.

If you want to enjoy this amazingly organized and extremely attractive handbag order it here on my blog site and receive $10 off your Butler Bag. Or, buy one as a gift for someone you know who could benefit from not digging in their handbag anymore!

Inspiration Wednesday

E-mail Addiction: A Real Problem

E-mail is a valuable work tool, but also an addiction risk. E-mail addiction, to which IT workers and home-office based business owners are especially vulnerable since their workdays center around technology, can become a serious detriment to one's workplace productivity and personal life.

I know I am guilty of e-mail addiction even more now that I have an iPhone and can receive messages when I’m away from the office!

Warning Signs of Addiction:

Checking e-mail every 15 minutes or less.

Going through e-mail religiously when not at work.

Interrupting in-person activities on a regular basis to look at and respond to e-mail.

Interrupting non-professional life, such as sleep, family time, etc., to check e-mail.

Needing to respond to an e-mail immediately.

Feeling compelled to look at every e-mail.

If you fit the e-mail addiction profile, here are some steps to help regain your control over e-mail.

Adjust your e-mail client to check e-mail every couple of hours.


Do you struggle with paper management? Do you have piles of paper everywhere and no where to put them? Or, are your file cabinets bulging with paper and you don't have any room for new papers? Do you know what papers should be kept and for how long? Do you know how to file them? That's where FreedomFiler comes in. It's a "self-purging" filing system that provides an easy-to-file and easy-to-maintain way to contain your paper information. And, it's attractive too!

As a Trained and Certified FreedomFiler Consultant I can help you with all of these paper management issues and more.

You can purchase an already assembled FreedomFiler Quick Start set with the most commonly used labels already affixed to hanging files and stored in an attractive filing box for you to use in the box or transfer into your filing cabinet. The set includes extra labels and file folders so you can customize it for your specific needs. The cost for the Quick Start set is $150.

You can purch…

Organizing Habit #17

I just returned from our Thanksgiving respite in Central Oregon. During our travel 'over the river and through the woods' it caused me to think it is time to get the vehicles winter ready. Organizing Habit #17 is to make it a habit to seasonally care and prepare your vehicles. Now is the time to add some winter necessities into the trunk of your car, such as an ice scraper, gloves, a small shovel, chains, jumper cables, boots and in case you get stuck for long periods of time; a blanket, fresh water, power bars, and the all important--TP.