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Are You a Right-Brained or Left-Brained Thinker

This past weekend I devoured the book 4 Weeks to an Organized Life with AD/HD by Jeffrey Freed and Joan Shapiro. It hooked me in right away because it is the first book, of many, that I have read about AD/HD and organizing that explained AD/HD individuals are visual thinkers and that is a gift that left-brained thinkers do not have--or at least not as intense as right-brained thinkers and individuals with AD/HD.

The authors define right-brained thinkers and left-brained thinkers as follows:
"Right-brained thinkers are rapid-fire, nonsequential, visual thinkers. If you are right-brained thinker, you see things from many angles, often at the same time. You are a holistic, big-picture thinker, who needs to know why you are learning something before you can absorb it. You are a dreamer, and you tend to be distracted easily in your own endlessly changing internal world, as well as by the external world.

Left-brained thinkers are more sequential and linear in their thinking, learning …

Weekly Menus February 23-March 1

Monday-Thursday – I’m making it easy on myself this week and following Robin Miller’s Quick Fix Meals, four of them with Puttanesca Sauce as the base including
Pasta Puttanesca
Puttanesca Chutney over Chicken with Potatoes and Broccoli
Crabmeat Salad in Halved Honedew Melons
Tomato Soup with Bacon-Cheese Melts

Friday Mac and Cheese with Spinach

Saturday Chicken Pot Pie

Sunday - Sun-dried Tomato Pesto-Stuffed Pork

Storables 25% Sale

I didn't want you to miss out on this information. Storables is having a 25% off EVERYTHING REGULARLY PRICED in their store until March 2nd (see details below)!

If you have been waiting to buy some products to help you with your organizing pursuits, now is a great time to get them!

Weekly Menu February 16-22

Monday - French Onion Soup and Roast Beef Sandwiches (use Saturday's leftover beef tenderloin)

Tuesday - Roasted Vegetable Stew with CousCous

Wednesday - Chicken Curry--roast extra for Friday's dinner (uses Tuesday's leftover roasted vegetable stew)

Thursday - Arugula-caramelized-onion-and-goat-cheese-pizza and Hawaiian-pizza

Friday - Creamy-fusilli-with-mushrooms-and-chicken (uses Wednesday's extra roasted chicken breasts)



Effortless Organizing Solution

Are you hand writing a grocery list every time you shop? Do you zig-zag through the grocery store because you are following your list and not shopping aisle by aisle in a straight forward route? If you are, you may be organized (you make a list and you bring it with you), but you’re not effortlessly organized.

To make your grocery list and shopping activities effortless, create a handwritten or typed list of all the items you typically purchase at your grocery store in the order your grocery store is laid out, i.e. aisle 1, 2, 3, etc. Make several copies for future use.

This makes these tasks effortless because you will have a pre-printed list and it will be in a logical order. Both make it easier for you to shop. If you send someone to shop for you, you are making the task truly effortless!

Product of the Week

The elfa Mesh Gift Wrap Cart is a mobile gift packaging organizer for wrap, totes, tissue, ribbon and accessories. The design begins with a White elfa Medium 7-Runner Frame. Within the frame there are three Medium 1-Runner Drawers and two Medium 2-Runner Drawers. A Melamine Top provides the perfect work surface. Clipped to the exterior are Gift Wrap Organizer Accessories. A Ribbon Dispenser is a horizontal bar with screw-on finial for storing and dispensing ribbon on spools. Organize rolled wrap vertically with a Gift Wrap Organizer & Accessory Basket.

Organizing Inspiration

A quote from Peter Walsh, Clean Sweep host:
Organization is not something you do, it’s the way you live your life. It is not about simply cleaning up, it is about making mindful decisions about your life.”

Organizing Habit #28

Are you constantly forgetting birthdays and anniversaries? Now is the time to sit down and enter these special dates into one calendar that will keep track of these dates every year in the future. Make it a habit to consult your calendar monthly and weekly to give yourself plenty of time to find a card or a gift. Also check out or for free reminders of important dates.

Effortless Organizing Solution

I believe that most people don’t attempt to get organized because they think will take too much effort. I don’t believe organizing requires a lot of effort. In this regular blog, I will share my effortless solutions with you.

Do any of these statistics sound familiar:
51% of women cling to clothing they haven’t worn in three or more years.
64% find the stuff they no longer wear hard to get rid of because they might need it someday.
60% hold on to clothes that don’t fit anymore because they might lose or gain back the weight.
58% have clothes hanging in their closets with the tags still on them.
50% know they have too many shoes, boots, or handbags but cannot part with them.
54% complain that shoes, boots, and handbags are the hardest to store.
32% have too many T-shirts.
33% admit that their closets are bulging.
18% are actually embarrassed by their closets.

Is your closet jammed full? Does the thought of cleaning it out overwhelm you? You are probably making the project bigger than it needs…