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Monday, March 30, 2009

Organizing Inspiration - How to Cut Your Grocery Bill

I'm determined to cut down our grocery bill. I have done a lot of research and learned a few new tricks. Here are my grocery bill cutting tips:

1. Clip coupons, but don't use them right away.

2. The coupons you clip in today's paper will be on sale in 4-6 weeks. Use them then for huge savings. Sale price + coupon.

3. Buy items when they are on sale--even if you don't need them right now, but you know they are items you will consume--stock up.

4. Shop at stores that offer double coupons--although I haven't found one in Portland yet.

5. Shop at warehouse stores such as WinCo for huge savings--especially buying their generic brand vs. name brand. I have saved as much as $1 per item by purchasing generic over brand. When it comes to canned water chestnuts I can't taste the difference between generic and brand--so why spend the extra $1?

6. Keep a grocery price book of the items you buy regularly. Note the regular price and sale prices so you know when to buy at the lowest price.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping at Fred Meyer for just a few items, because they were on sale and I had coupons. I spent $61.83. If I had paid non-sale price and didn't use coupons it would have cost me $96.58 I saved $30.25 buying items on sale from their regular price plus $4.50 in coupons. I'm just starting out with coupon clipping, so if I had more coupons I would have saved even more.

By the way, chicken breasts are on sale for 99 cents a pound at Fred Meyer this week--I wish I had a bigger freezer!

What do you do to cut your grocery bill? Please share, because I'm determined to cut my grocery bill by more than 50% each time I shop.


Megan@Disorder2Order said...

Great, great post Anne! All very important points (I know you would know that I would have something to say about this topic)!

Since moving, I have had to reconstruct my entire shopping process. One thing I do is create my meals around the ads of what's on sale. Planning ahead pays off! The other thing is to really scour the blogs and other websites that offer coupons before shopping.

Like you, I went to the store today and spent $77, had I paid full price, I would have spent $120!

P.S. Safeway has a double coupon in their ads.

Anne said...

Hey Megan,
Great tips! I found the double coupons for Safeway and Thriftway in the paper yesterday. I made my rounds to Albertson, Safeway, and Thriftway and enjoyed $116 savings or 54% of my grocery bill--yahoo!

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