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Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 Ways Getting Organized Makes/Saves You Money

1. Ditch your storage unit. If you are paying $50 month, that's $600a year savings or $3,000 in five years! Invest the $50 and make money.

2. Sell your clutter or items in the storage unit on Craig's list or e-bay.

3. Don't want to spend time with Craig's list or e-bay? Donate the items and take a tax deduction next year.

4. Meal planning will save you money because you buy only what you will use based on the meals you have planned. No more running to the store for a missing ingredient will save you money on gas.

5. For one month eat from your pantry and freezer. Buy only perishable items you need. Maybe you will eat the food you have before it expires too!

6. Unearth gifts you have bought for people and contain them in one area (shelves in a closet, drawers in a dresser, or a large container). Create a gift center and store cards, gift wrap, and gifts all in one space where you can find them. Doing this may mean you don't need to go gift shopping this year because you have found all of the gifts you forgot you already purchased.

7. Stop retail shopping therapy. I don't think this needs explaining.

8. Don't buy something just because it is on sale--for you or anyone else. If it is on sale and you will use it (consumable) then that is a smart decision. My point is, don't buy something on sale just because "it is a good buy", if you don't know what you will do with it.

9. When I work with clients to clear their clutter I always find money in some form--gift cards, coupons, cash, uncashed checks, savings bonds that have matured, a receipt to return an item of value (jewelry or expensive clothing usually), the list goes on and on. Want to find money? Clear your clutter!

10. Consign gently used clothing that you are never, ever going to wear again. I practice this and make an easy $500 year. Last year I made $623.57. How do I know? I use Quicken’s find feature and in less than a few seconds I knew exactly how much I made.

How have you saved or made money by getting organized?

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