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Monday, June 29, 2009

Effortless Organizing Solutions

Organizing doesn't have to involve hours or days. Sometimes just doing a little each day will make a bigger impact over time. And, you will create a new habit which is what is missing in your life--the organizing habit.

Pick one thing to do right now - yes, right now! Set your timer for 15 minutes and do just one small thing every day. You’re going to feel great about your home and office.

Need help? For the month of July I will blog each day one 15 minute organizing activity to inspire you to create this new habit.

Ready, set, go!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Improving My Services for You!

I'm very excited about what I have been working on to improve my services for both my organizing clients and my training participants. Here's a recap:

My book, Get Rich Organizing: A Professional Organizers Survival Guide to Launch, Manage, and Grow a Profitable Business is in the final stages of publishing. Planned release date is early July 2009 and will be available at Amazon and my web sites. Read a sample.

To better meet the needs of my business clients, I am training to become a certified GO System Consultant to provide practical ideas on improving workplace productivity. Call 503-246-0710 and schedule a three-hour productivity session in July and receive a free GO System.

A little fun for my female clients, I will soon be a certified Holobi Personal Stylist and can assess your clothing needs, fashion style, best colors and body's unique proportions. All together, this gives you a roadmap to your brilliance.

What-to-Wear Seminars will be offered soon. This fun and informative seminar can be held at home with friends or an office with associates. Each guest gets a mini-profile to define their body shape and they learn how to dress for their individual shape. Seminar fee is applied toward any Stylist Service. One and a half hours, $25 per person with an 8 person minimum. Call 503-246-0710 to schedule a seminar in August and the host receives a free two-hour profile!

I am volunteering for NAPO national as the Education Committee Quality Assurance Director to ensure NAPO's education programs are providing quality education to its members and the public (where available).

I'm looking forward to providing you with new effortless solutions to organizing your life so you can do more with less.

Friday, June 5, 2009

How do you track and complete tasks?

As a matter of course I use Outlook tasks to track and complete my tasks. However, in the middle of the night that isn't convenient and it seems that is when my brain wants to dump my tasks. When I can't sleep because that little voice is telling me everything I need to remember or remember to do, I use post-it notes.

I jot down a word or more just so I remember the next morning when I look at them. Then I stick my post-it notes on top of my laptop (I use a docking station and a separate monitor). As I complete a task I remove the post-it note from the top of my laptop. If I haven't completed a note by the end of the day I transfer the task to my Outlook tasks.

But, somehow seeing the post-it notes on top of my laptop is a huge visual reminder for me and it keeps me on top of my tasks. Removing the notes from my laptop is even more satisfying than checking it off in Outlook.

When you need to do a brain dump what is your methodology?
How do you keep track of your tasks?

A bit about me...

I love to organize anything! I love to read anything on the subject of organizing. I especially love helping others learn the joy and simplification organizing habits and behaviors can bring to their lives.

Click here to learn a bit about me and visit our websites (organizing services), (training and education for professional organizers) and my book web site

Anne Blumer

Anne Blumer
Certified Professional Organizer, Certified GO System Trainer and Consultant, and Certified FreedomFiler Consultant

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