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Friday, July 10, 2009

Effortless Organizing Solution #10

Ditch all your unused electronics! 

One of the major stumbling blocks for my clients to letting go of something is, "I paid a lot of money for it.” The monetary value of any item is only that for which you could sell it. Don’t hesitate to part with something simply because you paid a lot of money for it.

Keeping items that don’t serve a purpose in your life today cost you in terms of lost productivity and sacrifice of freedom. Plus it is negative energy. It makes you MAD that you spent a lot of money for something that you are not using any more and keeping that item around is a constant reminder of that feeling.

For example many people are transitioning from the big-bulky computer monitor or TV and replacing it with a sleek, slim, and sexy flat screen monitor. Yet, they keep around those big bulky monitors because they paid a lot of money for them. One of the criteria I use with clients in helping them to decide whether or not keep something is, if it makes you feel bad or mad get rid of it!

If you have unused, unloved electronics laying around that are making you MAD it's time to ditch them. Costco has made it easy for you to recoup some of that money you are festering over. They have a
electronics trade-in and recycle program. Take 15 minutes and gather up those electronics you need to ditch and feel HAPPY about it!


Kristi Wallace Knight said...

Most (perhaps all) Best Buy locations are accepting electronics for recycling now, too!

Anne said...

Good to know!! Thank you for sharing Kristi!

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