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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Effortless Organizing Solution #16 and #17

Solution #16 - A truly functional shower caddy!

I was in Storables the other day picking up closet materials for a client and one of the sales staff pointed out this great new product they have, she said for college students. It's a shower tote by Interdesign. I said not only is it great for college students it great for kids (and adults) going to camp to store their shower necessities!

We camp every year with our kids. Now camping for me is a camp ground with access to a public shower. I have used the typical shower totes with one open bin and a handle and they have worked fine. But, everything gets sort of jumbled together. This one has a specific spot for bar soap, a place for tooth paste and tooth brushes and two bins for shampoos or make up products. This tote ORBZ! keeps everything in its designated place. Love it!

Effortless Organizing Solution #17 - Make a list!

Make a list (preferably electronic) of everything you need to take with you camping or your child needs to take to camp. it will only take you 15 minutes to do this. Save it and print a copy for each time you need it. This will save you time having to rethink year after year what to pack for camp!

Want to save more time on not only a camp list but all of your lists? Check out ListPlanIt. They have these two lists for camping:

CAMPING LIST - Is your family preparing for a camping trip? Are you staying in a tent or even in a cabin? Remembering everything is not easy. Just print out this list and check it off as you gather the items!

CAMPER / RV PACKING LIST - Whether you are planning a trip to the lake for the weekend or a trip around the country for a year, packing your camper or RV is a major task. Your comfort depends upon what you remember (or forget) to bring along.

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