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Friday, January 29, 2010

Your Go System Registration

It's time to register for the next GO System Webinar Lunch and Learn series starting February 12, 2010. The great thing about Webinars is you can attend them without ever leaving your office or home!

The GO System is a training course that focuses on workplace productivity. This course is for those of you who have "had enough" in terms of workplace stress, long hours and unproductive workdays...and are seriously ready to get more focused, organized, and productive. The GO System addresses seven major issues that help significantly improve personal and workplace results including:
1. Establishing strong foundational habits
2. Processing incoming items
3. Prioritizing
4. Using time rationally
5. Effectively managing projects
6. Understanding personality issues
7. Understanding psychological issues

The bottom line - you'll get more done!

The profile of a typical GO System course candidate:
*Unorganized people who have finally "had enough" are excellent candidates.
*Surprisingly, highly organized people respond very positively to GO System training. These people are typically constantly on the lookout for a few more good ideas, or looking for a resource to help others in their workgroup get more organized and productive.
*People recently, or about to be, promoted to management find the GO System very helpful as do others experiencing a significant increase in responsibility.
If you are interested, and I hope you are, grab a sandwich and join me!

For complete details visit our Web site GO System page

Registration closes Friday, February 5th.

This is also a great workplace training event for your employees.
Call for details 503.246.0170

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