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Feeling BLIS from NAPO Conference

Last week I was in Columbus, Ohio for my 8th NAPO conference. I always come back re-energized and exploding with new organizing systems, techniques and practices as well as inspiration from fellow Professional Organizers. Here are a few new ideas that I would love to share with you (my clients):

Set-up your power office
Tackle your towering to-do list
The cost benefits of organizing
Strategies to organize individuals with ADD/ADHD
Organizing tools you can find on the Web
How to maximize small spaces

As always, I learned a lot and also met some fun and functional organizing vendors. My favorite is BLIS (Best Life Information System) and I would love to show you a demo of how this Web-based home and life information management system allows you to have all of your important information at your fingertips. You can quickly view your calendar, link to a Web site, pull up your family’s important medical information, plan a birthday party, make a to-do list, or locate the plumber’s number, just to name a few of the 1,000 actions BLIS can do. It is a secure Web-based program allowing users to access important information remotely and conveniently.

Call me today to set up a session on any of these new organizing ideas and products I have discovered. Speaking of sessions, I was inspired to establish a new pricing model—the more hours you purchase, the lower your cost, ask me how I can save you money and get organized.

I can’t wait to save you money and show you some powerful organizing tools and systems!


Karoline G said…
Nice info here. Keep us these great posts!

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