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My son leaves for college in one month…so, what does that have to do with organizing?

A lot! There is more to going to college than packing up clothes and ordering dorm bedding—you do know that you need extra long sheets for dorm beds don’t you?

Even if you don’t have children heading off to college one day, read on for ways you can save money for other reasons or just how to live with less.

For those of you with young children, those planning to have children or those who have a child just a few years away from finishing high school if you haven’t started saving for your child’s college education, START. I thought I was prepared financially but I’m not even close. I thought my insanely brainy boy would be raking in the scholarships—NOT. Don’t count on scholarships, don’t count on great loan rates, and most of all don’t count on family. START saving A LOT of money now.

My son is going to an out-of-state college (not private) and that alone is costing $15,000 more a year just because he isn’t a resident. Yes, $15,000 MORE not total. And, if you thinking obtaining reside…

Get Organized Today!

Personal and professional success is the result of more than talent, commitment and hard work. Success requires you to organize your home, your office and your relationships to meet the demanding needs of each. How efficiently you order these important aspects of your life is your key to finding success with ease and is one of the most important tools you have for becoming the absolute best you can be.

In Get Organized Today!, myself and 18 other top experts have joined to give you insightful guidance and advice learned through years of study and consulting with their clients and colleagues. These experts share their secrets and give you powerful organizing information and strategies. All the organizing professionals you will meet in this book want you to live your life with ease and simplicity.

Get Organized Today! is the book you need to help you plan, execute and maintain order in your work, life and relationships.

Get Organized Today! Retails for $24.00 and you can receive your sign…