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Living Simply: The Ultimate Guide to Conquering Your Clutter

Reprinted with permission by Leo Babauta.

First: Why Should You Simplify?

What’s the problem with clutter? Well, nothing, if that’s the way you like things. Everyone lives differently, and I’m not saying the decluttered lifestyle is better than the cluttered one.

However, I’ve found some benefits of decluttering from my decade or so of experience with this issue:

* Less stressful. Clutter can be a lot of visual distraction and mental stress. It’s basically a bunch of things you have to do (put away clothes, file papers, pay bills, get rid of junk, etc.) that you’re procrastinating on. While you don’t want to think about them, in the back of your mind you know they’re there.
* More efficient. I don’t know about you, but I work much better in an uncluttered home or workspace. There aren’t as many distractions, which means I can focus better.

* More peaceful. I can really relax in an uncluttered home. It’s just serene.

* More attractive. When you’re trying to sell your home, rea…

Lists, my life would fall apart without them.

I find lists particularly purposeful when they can be reused, especially at certain times during the year, like now during the holidays or when I'm planning a vacation. Or, for everyday activities such as grocery shopping and meal planning. Template reusable lists (checklists) are a huge time saver and there are lots of resources out there that provide them. To help you I have collected a list of my top five:

Real Simple Checklists
Printable Grocery Lists
Simply Checklists
Checklists for Parents of College Students

Check them out and save yourself not only time but your sanity!