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How Long Should I Keep Important Papers?

Paper is the number one organizing issue my clients face. Why? They get stuck with what to do with their paper because they don't know what paper is important and how long to keep important papers. 
H&R Block provides a handy cheat sheet to answer these questions.  Check it out at H&R Block.

Get Organized Month Event - Solving Your Paper Organizing Dilemmas

Simplify Your LIfe Week

August 6th-12th is Simplify your Life Week. Clear out the clutter and focus on priorities! Simplifying is all about having what you use or need in your life today with a touch of what you love. It's about letting go of the past and focusing on the present. The more simplified your life is the easier organizing is. Here are my suggestions for simplifying your incoming household paper:
1.OHIO--Only Handle It Once and decide what to do with it. 2.Gather up all the paper in your house. Put your bills to pay in one pile and everything else in a banker's box(es). Label the box "paper to sort". Place your bills in a folder labeled "bills to pay". Now you have a clean slate. 3.From now on, make it a habit to every day take action on your inflow of paper (OHIO) designating them as "shred", "recycle", "file", "bills to pay", "action", or "memorabilia".  This creates a system for you to stay on top of your inflo…

Why is organizing so hard?

Why is organizing so hard? Over the years, I have heard this question from many clients. Until recently I couldn’t think of an illustration to explain why it is hard for them and not for me. I think I now have a personal story that illustrates why we all have something that is exceptionally hard for us and not for others. 
Last October I started to experience a pain near my sciatic nerve. I went to a massage therapist and got some relief and I told myself, “It will eventually work itself out and the pain will go away”. I told myself that for five months and taking a daily dose of Aleve. In March, I realized the pain was not going away on its own.  I was literally stuck in pain and had great difficulty moving. The less I moved, the more the pain increased, but it was hard to move. It was difficult for me to understand why I was in so much pain when “nothing” happened. I didn’t injure myself, I just woke up one day and had pain. I looked at others who moved so easily and thought, “Will I…

Productivity - Prioritizing

What is the most important thing you need to accomplish, or make progress toward accomplishing in the next 24 hours?

Seven guidelines
1. Keep it simple!
2. Keep it clear!
3. Write it down!
4. Ask this question at the end of every workday if possible.
5. Keep it simple!
6. Revisit the question at the beginning of every workday before you do anything.
7. Keep it simple!

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