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Are You Afraid to Open the Door?

The holidays are fast approaching.

Are you afraid to open your door? Is your home ready for entertaining? Can you find your holiday decorations? What about the roasting pan? Do you have a plan for gift giving? Will you be able to balance work, family, life + the holidays?
If you answered no, to any of the above questions, I have SolutionsForYou. I also have a holiday offer...

Call today to find out what it is and before my time runs out!

Happy Holidays,
Anne Blumer, CPO
SolutionsForYou, Inc.

503-246-0710 or 503-706-3502

5 minute tasks to keep your home uncluttered and organized

After working with a client I'm usually hear the question, "How do I stay organized?"  I provide my clients a written maintenance plan at the conclusion of each project. The plan is simple and comprises short 5-15 minute tasks to be completed at specific frequencies.   The intent is to develop new habits that will eventually [with practice] become routine.  

Here are 50 quick tasks for you to keep your home uncluttered and organized:
Make a plan for todaySort daily mail into three categories – action, recycle, fileFileWeed a file or twoPurge magazines/catalogsSet-up online bill pay with your bankGo online and pay your billsStart a load of laundryPut a load of laundry in the dryerFold a load of laundryPut away a load of laundryLoad the dishwasherUnload the dishwasherPurge your kitchen utensil drawer – donate duplicates and unused utensilsPurge your plastic containers – keep only what you will store leftovers for a weekPurge your travel mugs – keep two for each personPurge…

Are You Right-Brained or Left-Brained?

Right-Brain Logic The right-brain person is highly creative and has a holistic view of their office space.  They benefit from a work space that keeps paper in the open and visually accessible.  Materials that work well to capture paper in the right-brain office are: literature sorters for organized action pilesproject file boxesopen rolling file cartscolorful file folderscolorful magazine holdersdifferent colored pens for labeling

Left-Brain Logic While the right-brain dominant person works better with everything out in the open, the left-brain dominant person compartmentalizes their office space and does better in a well ordered workspace with everything out of sight except for the one task they are working on. Materials that work well to capture paper in the right-brain office are: divided compartmentalized desk drawer traysdesk-top file box (with lid) for action papersfile cabinets with closing drawershanging files for reference paperslabel maker

Not sure what you are? Take the right-bra…