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5 minute tasks to keep your home uncluttered and organized

After working with a client I'm usually hear the question, "How do I stay organized?"  I provide my clients a written maintenance plan at the conclusion of each project. The plan is simple and comprises short 5-15 minute tasks to be completed at specific frequencies.   The intent is to develop new habits that will eventually [with practice] become routine.  

Here are 50 quick tasks for you to keep your home uncluttered and organized:
  1. Make a plan for today
  2. Sort daily mail into three categories – action, recycle, file
  3. File
  4. Weed a file or two
  5. Purge magazines/catalogs
  6. Set-up online bill pay with your bank
  7. Go online and pay your bills
  8. Start a load of laundry
  9. Put a load of laundry in the dryer
  10. Fold a load of laundry
  11. Put away a load of laundry
  12. Load the dishwasher
  13. Unload the dishwasher
  14. Purge your kitchen utensil drawer – donate duplicates and unused utensils
  15. Purge your plastic containers – keep only what you will store leftovers for a week
  16. Purge your travel mugs – keep two for each person
  17. Purge your water bottles – keep two for each person
  18. Purge your grocery bags paper and plastic
  19. Weed expired coupons
  20. Purge the refrigerator of leftovers ‘gone too long’
  21. Purge the refrigerator crisper drawers
  22. Plan 3 dinners for this week
  23. Check pantry for what is out of stock and start a grocery list
  24. Purge expired spices add to grocery list if you want to replace
  25. Place  mesh laundry bag in each person’s room to collect dirty socks – eliminates missingsockitus, keeps socks contained by person, and makes it easier to match up and return to the right drawer
  26. Place a bin in each room to collect nomadic items
  27. Pick up a bin and return nomadic items to their rightful place
  28. Place a bin in each closet. When you try on an item of clothing and decide it’s no longer for you, place it in the bin for donation or consignment. When the bin is full, take to your donation center or consignment store.
  29. Create January-December email folders
  30. Create an ACTION email folder
  31. Weed your email; any email that does not require action place in the month received email folder. Any email requiring action, move to your action folder. Voila, empty email inbox.
  32. Schedule your email ACTIONS in your calendar – decide when you will complete the task
  33. Take action on one of your emails in your ACTION email folder
  34. Check and update your calendar
  35. Got envelopes or torn off return address labels piling up? Enter addresses into your contacts database or address book
  36. Clean-up your computer desk-top – move documents/folders into your root directory and off of your desktop
  37. Collect all your post-it notes and either toss or add to your action list
  38. Purge the medicine cabinet
  39. Weed bath linens – donate any you haven’t used in the past year
  40. Weed bed linens – donate any you haven’t used in the past year
  41. Weed coats – donate any you haven’t worn in the past year
  42. Weed shoes – donate any you haven’t worn in the past year and any others you don’t like
  43. Weed your books – donate any you won’t read or refer to again
  44. Weed your office supplies – donate any you won’t use to your neighborhood school
  45. Weed your craft materials – donate any you won’t use to your neighborhood school
  46. Walk through your home with a trash bag and see how much you can fill in 5 to 15 minutes – toss it in the trash bin
  47. Walk through your home with a recycling bag and see how much you fill in 5 to 15 minutes – toss it in the recycling bin
  48. Purge your purse, backpack, and/or wallet
  49. Clean-out your car
  50. Make a plan for tomorrow
Pick one, and then another... watch the magic happen.


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