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The Perfectly Organized Kitchen for the Holidays... and Beyond

If your kitchen isn't functioning at high efficiency it is a recipe for a holiday dinner disaster!  Organize it now to ensure stress-free holiday meal preparations.  Here are few quick tips to get started: Purge your pantry - look at expiration dates and remove all expired food, including spices. For more ideas on how to organize a pantry view my video at all of your baking supplies and materials together and create a baking zone in the kitchen. This will make holiday baking a snap!Be realistic about how many coffee mugs, travel cups/mugs, plastic drinking bottles, and plastic containers are needed. Nix the surplus and gain space for what you need to easily access. Relocate infrequently used appliances, kitchen equipment, and entertaining items to a storage room or garage to free up the prime real estate in the kitchen for what is used regularly.Let go of any cookbook, gadget, dishware or ingredient that has not been used in the past six monthsToss the recipes that …