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Strategies for Avoiding Holiday Stress

The 5 Steps to Organizing process as it applies to your Holiday schedule:
#1 Strategize  List all your holiday activities that you want to do
ACTIVITY                                                                 WHEN 1.______________________________________________ 2.______________________________________________ 3.______________________________________________ 4.______________________________________________ 5.______________________________________________
List everyone that is on your gift list and your budget for each.
NAME                           GIFT IDEAS                      BUDGET 1.______________________________________________ 2.______________________________________________ 3.______________________________________________ 4.______________________________________________ 5.______________________________________________   
#2 Prioritize Work from the above list and eliminate the activities you and your family do not wish to continue.Eliminate the activities that are in your “sh…


Curiosity allows us to dive directly into the present


A serious contender for why clutter and disorganization occur is an inability to easily make decisions about where to put things and what things to keep. How do you decide where to put your stuff?What stuff do you not know where to put it away? If this is a challenge for you, try the D.E.C.I.D.E. model to determine what to do with items that are cluttering your environment: Ddefinewhen and where you use the item. E = establish the criteria for whether or not to keep the item (i.e. do you use it, do you love it, is it beautiful. etc.). C = consider all the alternatives of not keeping the item (i.e. can you borrow it or easily replace it later if you do need it). I = identify the best placement for where to keep the item based on use.

Back to School Shopping for Adults

My favorite part of going back to school was shopping for school supplies.  This past weekend I did some back to school shopping at the Container Store and updated my 10 year old [tired] ticker system. #feelingorganized

What is a tickler system? It is a series of files related to the days of the month (1-31) and months of the year (Jan-Dec).  

Why use it?  If you want to be reminded to handle something in the future, but don’t want or need to think about it until then, it can be “tickled” to show up exactly on the day or month you’d like to see it again. Reminders such as:

appointmentstasksrepetitive activities such as housecleaning choresbills to payfollow-up on items delegatedbirthdaysanniversariesa place holder for future events (i.e. travel itinerary or concert tickets)Here is some reminders/information I currently have in my tickler file: Bills Upcoming client session filesUpcoming conference information (flight info, conference schedule, speech)Upcoming board meeting information (bo…

Products I Love - Time Timer

Timers have numerous beneficial uses such as to reduce hyper focusing (something I do). Or, to set a limit on how long to do something i.e. time spent on the internet.

I use the Time Timer app every morning to focus on my critical task for the day.  

It's also available as a desktop timer in various sizes and its disappearing red disk is helpful to:
Teach children the concept of elapsed time Manage the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer”Make homework and practice time more productive Reduce conflict in family and household routinesIncrease productivity by breaking projects into manageable segments Keep meetings, appointments and events on time and moving forward To learn more uses follow Time Timer on FaceBook 

Do you use a timer? If you do, what do you primarily use it for?

stuff, stuff, and more stuff

It seems the Portland housing market is picking up because my team and I have been downsizing/rightsizing, packing, and unpacking many clients this spring.  I have lost count, but I would estimate that we have eliminated over 200 black garbage bags of "stuff" in the past two months.

I have learned over the 11+ years of working as a professional organizer, that it is very difficult for people to make decisions about what to keep and that's why they have too much stuff.  We decide to deal with our stuff later and later never comes.  [Lack of] decision making is often the reason we have too much stuff.
Regular practice of anything makes the task or activity easier.  If you want it to get easier for you to make decisions about what stuff to keep, exercising the decision making part of your brain daily will help immensely.  It doesn't have to require a lot of time.  Simply spend 5 minutes each and every day and let go of 5 things you have multiples of.  Every day it will ge…

Top 5 Tips for Organizing with Kids

Top 5 Tips for Organizing with Kids
Tip #1 -Involve your child in the organizing process – Guide your child to make decisions about what to keep.  Focus on the present, rather than the past (keeping something because it represents a memory) or the future (keeping something because they might need it ‘someday’).  When asking your child to pick up their room, clean up their mess, or put away their laundry, model what those tasks look like until they understand.  Practice the KISS principle when setting up organizing systems with your child. Tip #2 - Regularly purge their things– Repeat after me, holding on to everything makes nothing important.  Teach your child to make decisions and to let go of the things that are no longer useful or they have outgrown.  Encourage your child to let go of (donate, recycle, resell) nine items each month in exchange for one item they want. You can set the dollar amount.  In one year they will have 96 fewer things.  In ten years they will have 960 fewer thi…