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Are you a clutterer? Answer these questions to find out.

Do you have more possessions than you can comfortably handle? 
Are you embarrassed to invite family, friends, health care providers, or maintenance workers into your home because it is not presentable?

Do you find it easier to drop something instead of putting it away, or to wedge it into an overcrowded drawer or closet rather than finding space for it?

Is your home, or any part of it, unusable for its intended purpose, with a bed you can't sleep in, a garage you can't park in, a kitchen you can't cook in, or a table you can't use for dining?

Is clutter causing problems at home, at work, or in your relationships?

Do you hesitate to share this problem because you feel embarrassment, guilt, or shame about it?

Do you have a weakness for discarded objects, bargain items, freebies, reading materials, or yard sales?

Do you use avoidance, distraction, or procrastination to escape dealing with your clutter?

Does your clutter create a risk of falling, fire, infestation, or evic…

A tale from the trenches

With my client's permission, I'm sharing her organizing story... 

Last week, as part of my training program client practicum, a team of new professional organizers and I worked with a client of mine to declutter and organize her home office. This was not the first time.

Sometimes, it takes repeated work to find what is truly going on with someone’s clutter and disorganization and for the client to be READY for change. As was the case with this client. After an in-depth discussion I discovered what was going on.  Whenever my client came across an item she didn’t know what to do with (mostly gifts people gave her that she felt guilty about not keeping) she moved it upstairs to her home office and placed it on the floor in front of her library shelves, saying to herself, “I’ll decide later.”  That behavior—postponing decisions and moving items she doesn’t know what to do with to a space designated for a different purpose—is what needed to change.  It’s not the decluttering. It’s no…