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Back to School Shopping for Adults

My favorite part of going back to school was shopping for school supplies.  This past weekend I did some back to school shopping at the Container Store and updated my 10 year old [tired] ticker system. #feelingorganized

What is a tickler system? It is a series of files related to the days of the month (1-31) and months of the year (Jan-Dec).  

Why use it?  If you want to be reminded to handle something in the future, but don’t want or need to think about it until then, it can be “tickled” to show up exactly on the day or month you’d like to see it again. Reminders such as:

appointmentstasksrepetitive activities such as housecleaning choresbills to payfollow-up on items delegatedbirthdaysanniversariesa place holder for future events (i.e. travel itinerary or concert tickets)Here is some reminders/information I currently have in my tickler file: Bills Upcoming client session filesUpcoming conference information (flight info, conference schedule, speech)Upcoming board meeting information (bo…