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Top Ten Travel Organizing Tips

Summertime often means travel time.  Already this year, I have traveled overseas three times and domestically three times.   I have learned a few packing and travel tricks and tips that I want to pass on to you so your travel can be less stressful.  Based on these tips, I have never checked a bag, and I could lift my carry on bag into the overhead bin without help. If you are planning on traveling overseas consider getting a global entry.  You will move through immigration and customs much faster, and you will always get TSA-pre on your domestic flights.  Trust me you want to do this!Order your foreign currency where you bank.  You will get a much better foreign exchange rate here then your destination.Get a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees.  These fees add up fast.Remember to take power converters for where you will be visiting.  Sometimes, those will fail--I blew up two flat irons! On my third overseas trip this year, I decided to buy a flat iron that works o…