The A-List Way to Organize Photos

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Summer months are filled with special events such as graduations, weddings, and vacations.  That means lots of photos!  Nowadays, we capture these moments digitally.  But, for many of us, we have decades of printed photos waiting to be organized and preserved.  I have heard clients say they want to organize their printed photos but the task seems so overwhelming they just can't imagine where or how to begin.  I approach all organizing projects with my 5-steps to organizing® process.  Follow along as I take you through those steps to organize your printed photos.

Step 1: Strategize - How to Begin
What are your goals?
How do you want to keep your photos?
Dedicate time to this project
Create a workspace for this project
Step 2: Prioritize
Within your macro categories of year, person, or event, micro sort the photos by:
Steps 3 and 4: Localize and Containerize
Step 5: Maximize
Think back to your goals for organizing your photos. What do you want to do with them now that they are prioritized and edited? Do you want to:
As you print new photos get them into your archival system immediately

I would love to see photos of your summer events, post and share.

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