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How to Prepare for Your Strategy Session with SolutionsForYou

Don’t change anything about your physical space! We need to see your current state of organization to understand your relationship with your stuff and how it is contained.  
Do think about answers to the following questions: What do you think are your barriers to getting organized?What is not working?What part of your environment feels most uncomfortable to you?Why do you want to get organized?  Any life event changes?What part of your routine feels most hectic to you?  Why?How much do you want to participate in the organizing process?How flexible are you to making changes?Have you worked with a professional organizer before?  If yes, what worked?  What didn’t work?What are your expectations of SolutionsForYou?What area(s) would you like SolutionsForYou to help you organize first?  What activities take place in this area(s)?What is your timeline?  What is the best time for you to schedule sessions?What are you willing to invest to live a more orga…

4 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

Your relationship with your professional organizer will be a personal one.  An experienced professional will ask you lots of questions about your history of disorganization, what you have done to get organized before, what you want organizing help with, and when you want to start on your organizing project.  It is best to speak with several professional organizers before choosing one to work with.  These are the top 4 questions we are asked and our responses:
Q1.What can I expect to happen when I hire you? You can expect the very best!  It is essential that you communicate to us what you expect.  We will listen to your needs and goals, and together we will develop a plan of action for your organizing project.  We will maintain complete confidentiality of your project and personal/business information.  Q2.What will be your approach to organizing me? Step 1: Complete your needs assessment questionnaire. Step 2: Schedule your 15-minute no obligation phone conversation to gather more informat…