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How to Prepare for Your Strategy Session with SolutionsForYou

Don’t change anything about your physical space! We need to see your current state of organization to understand your relationship with your stuff and how it is contained.
Do think about answers to the following questions: §What do you think are your barriers to getting organized? §What is not working? §What part of your environment feels most uncomfortable to you? §Why do you want to get organized?Any life event changes? §What part of your routine feels most hectic to you?Why? §How much do you want to participate in the organizing process? §How flexible are you to making changes? §Have you worked with a professional organizer before?If yes, what worked?What didn’t work? §What are your expectations of SolutionsForYou? §What area(s) would you like SolutionsForYou to help you organize first?What activities take place in this area(s)? §What is your timeline?What is the best time for you to schedule sessions? §What are you willing to invest to live a more organized life?
Between now and our strategy s…

4 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Organizer

Your relationship with your professional organizer will be a personal one.  An experienced professional will ask you lots of questions about your history of disorganization, what you have done to get organized before, what you want organizing help with, and when you want to start on your organizing project.  It is best to speak with several professional organizers before choosing one to work with.  These are the top 4 questions we are asked and our responses: Q1.Who is your typical client and how do you help them? We help our clients, who include adults and families, find organizing solutions and systems that support their way of thinking and processing, and create a functional environment where they can thrive.Our greatest passion is bringing organizing and productivity solutions that work for an individual’s organizing challenges through hands-on work or coaching. The approach we take working with clients is to reduce the anxiety and overwhelm caused by their disorganized environment…

Permission is the Key

Recently I was asked, "When did you find your voice and how do you help your clients find their voice?"  What powerful questions!  I thought about how to answer those two questions for weeks.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day Vera Katz, former Mayor of Portland declared June 14th John Mosser Day. John was my father.  I know the answer to both questions.

I found my voice on August 21, 1996.  My father was in a coma and dying.  I couldn't stand to hear his labored breathing.  I leaned over him and said, "Dad it is okay to let go, forget the car keys* and leave.  We'll be okay."  He opened his eyes, looked into mine, and breathed his last breaths.  It was my voice, my permission, that released him.

*Every morning my father would leave the house, walk to his car, get in his car, get out of his car, and walk back to the house for his keys.  Sometimes it was multiple trips back and forth between the car and the house for his hat, briefcase, coat, but always f…